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Restaurant around Central Hotel - Akiyama Chobab(Sushi) 아키야마 초밥

The course of cuisine in the picture costs 30,000KRW.

A lot of people in Busan enjoy fresh and delicious Chobab (Sushi) here.

As often the case of Korean restaurants, there are a lot of side dish with it.


Map(google map)

The restaurant is 20meters from Exit 17 of Yeonsan station.

It takes 2〜3 min. walk from Central Hotel.



부산광역시 연제구 중앙대로 1122(연산동) 

전화 051-866-6525, 051-866-6526

팩스 051-866-2520

email: res@pusancentral.com

(주) 화송  사업자 등록번호  607-85-23529

Central Hotel Busan

1122 Jungang-daero, Yeonje-gu, Busan, South Korea (47520)



〒47520 大韓民国 釜山広域市 蓮堤区 中央大路1122


中央大酒店 釜山

韩国 釜山市 莲堤区 中央大路 1122 号

Phone +82-51-866-6525, +82-51-866-6526

fax +82-51-866-2520

email: res@pusancentral.com

Conventional Official webpage: http://www.centralhotel.co.kr

센트럴호텔은 한극관광공사의 관광품질인증제 인증호텔입니다. 

Central Hotel is designated as the national certificated hotel of "KOREA QUALITY"