Central Hotel Busan

budget accommodation in the centre of Busan

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객실 예약

Room booking

Special Coupon

All guest rooms of Central Hotel Busan are renewed at December of the last year.

Please enjoy comfortable staying with us by using the following coupon code of 15% discounting.


* The coupon can be applied to bookings directly made at our homepage.

Central Hotel Busan guarantees for the guests booking here:

  • Free cancellation at any time

  • No extra payments

  • Protection of your personal information

  1. Remarks

    ​상기 요금은 10%의 부가세가 포함된 가격입니다.
    All of the above rates are inclusive of VAT.

  2. Settlement and, Cancellation and Modification policies
    이 사이트에서 예약한 경우, 예약금, 취소 또는 변경 수수료를 필요 없습니다.
    Deposits are not necessary.
    Please make payments when you visit at check-in.
    We accept payments with cash and credit cards.
    No cancellation and modification penalties are applied for bookings made at this our official homepage.

  3. Notes
    체크인(Check In): 12:00 이후
    Check In time begins at 12:00 and is subject to availability.
    체크아옷(Check Out): 12:00 이전
    Check Out time is by 12:00.
    기준인원 추가 시 추가요금(Extra Person Charge): ₩10,000
    13세 이상의 어린이는 추가 요금이 부가됩니다.
    Children under 13 years old can stay free of charge.


부산광역시 연제구 중앙대로 1122(연산동) 

전화 051-866-6525, 051-866-6526

팩스 051-866-2520

email: res@pusancentral.com

(주) 화송  사업자 등록번호  607-85-23529

Central Hotel Busan

1122 Jungang-daero, Yeonje-gu, Busan, South Korea (47520)



〒47520 大韓民国 釜山広域市 蓮堤区 中央大路1122


中央大酒店 釜山

韩国 釜山市 莲堤区 中央大路 1122 号

Phone +82-51-866-6525, +82-51-866-6526

fax +82-51-866-2520

email: res@pusancentral.com

Conventional Official webpage: http://www.centralhotel.co.kr

센트럴호텔은 한극관광공사의 관광품질인증제 인증호텔입니다. 

Central Hotel is designated as the national certificated hotel of "KOREA QUALITY"