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budget accommodation in the centre of Busan

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Central Hotel



All our guests rooms are renewed at Dec 2019.

Please enjoy more comfortable staying with us!

Our hotel's motto is to be "clean and convenient at low prices."

The hotel's staff is kind and helpful, giving rise to a safe and restful atmosphere for your stay. 

We are located in the centre of Busan, close to popular attractions such as the City Hall, Judicial Court, Sajik Baseball stadium and Busan Asiad Football Stadium, all of which are 2 km walk away from the hotel. 

Central Hotel is within 100m of Exit 16, Yeonsan Station. 

The popular Dongnae Hotsprings and the Seomyeon Lotte department store are only a 10 minute-subway trip from here. 

You can travel to the airport in under 30 minutes subway using Line No.3, Yeonsan Station. 

Another highly useful route is Line No.1 Yeonsan, which will take you to the Ferry Terminal in 30 minutes. 

Guests with cars have free access to 1 parking space per room at the hotel's secure 24-hour car-park (first-come). 

Some banks/ATMs are located nearby, so guests can exchange currency at their convenience. 

A number of restaurants and a convenience store near the hotel's entrance are of great convenience to customers. 

The floor-heating system available provides warmth during the winters. In Summer, we provide air-conditioning. 

To maintain a sanitary environment, slippers are provided upon entry of your room. 

The Central Hotel is unique because room prices include tax and service fees, and are specific to each accommodation style. 

Korean and Western cuisine is available for breakfast in the restaurant on Level 3. Specific deals are available for anyone on long-stay business trips. 

The check-in time is 12:00pm or earlier if rooms have been serviced. The check-out time is 10:00am, but flexible. 

Special discounts are available for anyone wanting to stay for more than 3 days, and / or wanting more than a single room. 

If this applies to you, please refer to res@pusancentral.com for booking your accommodation. 


WiFi are available at all guest rooms, Lobby, and Restaurant.

The Internet connections are FREE for our hotel guests.

Certificates and Designations:

2005 Designation of the official hotel for APEC2005

2014 Public Designation of The Best hotel of Yeonje-gu, Busan

   Public Designation of Green Class Hotel of Busan

2016 Jan Public Designation of tourist invitation support target stay of Busan

2018 Feb  Public Designation of KOREA QUALITY of Korea Tourism Organization(KTO).

Restaurant Entrance

Restaurant Entrance



CentralHotel Building

CentralHotel Building

PC room

PC room

Best Hotel Yeonje

Best Hotel Yeonje

Official hotel APEC2005

Official hotel APEC2005

Lobby dolls

Lobby dolls

Central Hotel - front view

Central Hotel - front view


부산광역시 연제구 중앙대로 1122(연산동) 

전화 051-866-6525, 051-866-6526

팩스 051-866-2520

email: res@pusancentral.com

(주) 화송  사업자 등록번호  607-85-23529

Central Hotel Busan

1122 Jungang-daero, Yeonje-gu, Busan, South Korea (47520)



〒47520 大韓民国 釜山広域市 蓮堤区 中央大路1122


中央大酒店 釜山

韩国 釜山市 莲堤区 中央大路 1122 号

Phone +82-51-866-6525, +82-51-866-6526

fax +82-51-866-2520

email: res@pusancentral.com

Conventional Official webpage: http://www.centralhotel.co.kr

센트럴호텔은 한극관광공사의 관광품질인증제 인증호텔입니다. 

Central Hotel is designated as the national certificated hotel of "KOREA QUALITY"


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